A Desk Toy That Can Help You Relax at Home & At Work!

Neodymium Magnetic Balls

A Desk Toy That Can Help You Relax at Home & At Work!

Neodymium magnetic balls, a natural selection of iron filings, are a unique and effective product that can be used as both a stress buster and energy healer. The Neodymium Balls can be used to address a wide variety of conditions. It is important to note that these balls can not only be used as simple stress relievers or pain relief, but can also be used as an art medium as well. Neodymium magnetic balls can be found in many retail stores and are available from most major online retailers. The Neodymium Balls is manufactured by Neodymium and can be purchased directly from them at a retail price, which is often significantly less than the cost of Neodymium Magnetic Bands or other forms of magnetic therapy merchandise.

While it is possible to find a large selection of different items with this company, the Neodymium Magnetic Balls tends to be the most common, as well as the best selling. Neodymium magnetic balls are custom molded and then sold in a variety of different sizes, which is dependent upon the customer’s particular needs. They are often available in a number of different colors, although they are primarily produced in yellow, white, or blue. These rare earth metal spheres are known for their malleability and their unique ability to take dents and compressive stress to allow the magnet to regain its original shape.

In addition to their stress relieving capabilities, the Neodymium Balls is also known for their energy healing properties. The Neodymium Balls is made with a rare earth metallic alloy called neodymium, which has the ability to create a magnetic field. The Neodymium metallic alloy has the ability to generate a direct current when magnetized, which has the ability to stimulate the release of natural healing properties within the body. This ability to heal through direct current is what gives the Neodymium Balls their healing abilities; the healing process begins by releasing the stress from the body through the use of these tiny balls. For this reason, the Neodymium Magnetic Balls is used in the treatment of such illnesses as Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, MS, and other chronic illnesses that have been plaguing humanity for thousands of years.