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How To Make DIY Washi Tape Magnets

This is just a short article about how to make your own DIY washi tape magnets. They are great for promotional purposes, but are they good enough to promote your business? I have personally made my own magnetic tape signs and they did not turn out as good as I had hoped. Read on to learn what I did right and wrong, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.

How To Make  DIY  Washi Tape Magnets Magnets

One thing you have to know before you start building your DIY magnetic tape signs is that there are two types of tape magnet, namely the tape-to-sleeve and the paper to sleeve. The difference lies in how they are used.

You can use either type of sleeve magnets. You will need an empty can or paper and printer cartridge. There are two ways you can do this. First, you can make your own magnets with the use of a pair of scissors, a piece of cardboard and a small amount of glue. If you do this then make sure you use a very thin piece of paper so as to prevent any damage to the paper and it’s inner coating. Another option is to buy some magnetic tape and the needed material from the local DIY store. Then, you should wrap it around the cardboard.

In order to make a DIY washi tape sign, you will need a magnet and some tape (not the colored sort), glue and a magnet marker. You will also need a few strips of tape with some holes in them and a magnetic paper. The hole will be important because it will determine where the magnet is supposed to end up. You can choose to use two different places, but you may want to create a design or logo to place at the top as well.

Once you have all of these materials ready, all that remains is to place the magnet on the paper, and the magnetic tape around the magnet. Now, you can go ahead and write on the tape. Make sure you leave room for the magnet. If you want, you could also put your logo and slogan that you want people to read. In fact, if you are planning to include both, then you can place one on top of the other.

All in all, you can use DIY magnetic tape magnets to promote your business. They are very effective and affordable, and can reach out to many people. But the problem lies in knowing which one to buy from.