Understanding Neodymium Magnetic Balls

Neodymium magnetic balls are a unique, effective, and efficient electro-magnetic product. These balls are used to generate powerful, directional magnetic fields by aligning themselves with their poles. A strong enough magnetic field is necessary for several applications in industry and manufacturing that benefit from a variety of magnetic properties. For instance, these balls are used to create a very strong current; they have been proven to withstand up to a million Gauss forces at one point. Neodymium magnetic balls also feature other important magnetic properties such as resonance, which gives them the ability to produce an incredibly strong magnetic field, up to ten times stronger than any known metal ball.

Neodymium magnetic balls are best suited for scientific and industrial testing because they are extremely compact and incredibly strong. They feature superior compression design that minimizes energy loss while maintaining superior performance. The Neodymium magnetic balls can be used in a wide range of applications including direct current applications, plasma technology, medical applications, electrical engineering applications, power generation, automotive applications, and just about every other industry you can think of! The Neodymium magnetic balls are also great for research purposes because they can be used to conduct a wide range of experiments and studies without having to make a duplicate of the same test fixture.

To determine the size of neodymium magnetic balls to purchase you will need to know the diameter of the container in inches or the pounds. If the material has a thickness that is less than one inch, you will need to add the poundage before the cubic yards to get the absolute cubic yardage. Once you have all of this information you can easily calculate how much material you will need for each application. Once you have everything you need you simply need to go to your local hardware store and place the order. It will take you about two weeks for them to arrive at your door and then you can begin using your amazing new products.